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Thread: Giving Negitive Anti-Points for no reason?

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    Giving Negitive Anti-Points for no reason?

    I think that all Anti-Points should have a non-optional Comment line that has a minimum space of 100 chars. So people wouldn't write things like "Stupid" or "Dumb" as a comment. That does nothing to improve the situation. If you have something bad to say about someone comment, I think you should have to say it, and not just be able to give negitive anti-points just because you don't disagree about what they said, or how they think. Obviously people don't think like you do, but that should be no reason for prejustice. After all what we are here for is to help people out not to bash them, or make stupid comments with out offering a explaination. You need to remember you once were new and asked stupid questions too.
    newbies will be newbies. Have some sort of tolerance for them you never know what will come out of it.. sometimes they will look up to you and help you etc. when you need it. I've been there. Its good to help people out. Even if they ask stupid questions, You can explain to them via Priv. Mail that asking something like that is not right to do on the board. That would help people become more civil, therefore getting some REAL POSTS.

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    We've been over this before:

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    Whats the point of haveing points anyways? Its not like Im going to lose sleep over it. I come here to learn and to give out advise, If someone doesnt like that. then dont read the thread and dont waste your time replying.

    I would just like to tell the person and/or people who made this site, what an outstanding job they have done. Alot of people take it for granted what time you sent on this site and the money you put into it and dont ask for anything in return. Most sites you need to pay for the kind of things you have here. So just wanted to say thank you and keep up the great work. Some of us notice!

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    i think Ghost_25inf is right

    exactly what I was thinking; what is the point of having points anyway-It's not like we care wateva number of points we have
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    Unhappy it happened to me also

    this happened to me also man prat,
    one fine day i was having preety good 7 positive antipoints and then i posted one thread writing in block letters and that took me to -16 antipoints....

    but what to do........anyway..
    i gained positive again...


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    Points aren't important....

    sure points are nice... they make you have nice pretty green spots under your name.. .. but they are not important..

    What is more important, is that you post intelligent question (no "how do I hack hotmail" or the like) or that you give constructive and helpful feedback to peoples question....

    I mean, if anyone wants to find information about a topic, the first thing to do is search the forums for similar threads.... upon finding and reading any such thread they read and see what others have posted before....... as such, you will get more respect from submiting good responses than having lots of green dots or having a lot of posts.....

    thats just how I see it.... if you disagree.. feel free... I won't hold it against you, and no-one else should.... thats how it should be all discussions...
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