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    AO news

    Hey, no pressure to you JP or anything cus i know its hard to do all those news articles....

    but i really liked it when there was that news on the front of AO instead of the discussion topics....

    I loved commin in here and readin new news, i go to the other news page and its not updated ever

    This site was the site that kept me up to date w. computer news and i could reply and discuss it, i loved that about this site.

    Just suggestion that u should put it back, but no pressure

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    Yeah JP we have already offered to help with the news. I know it doesn't seem great to see news topics on the disscussion board but there's no section to put them in. I think that people would be satisfied even with a news section so members could post in.That way we don't screw up the disscusion board.

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