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Thread: antipoints...revisited...

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    Arrow antipoints...revisited...

    I was wondering why I have only received a few antipoints. I was thinking, quite humbly mind you, that i do some very good posts.. true i hardly capitalize the i's i use, but then i shouldn't think that will take away people's appreciation of my knowledge, right? Then i realized the trick

    I hardly ever send antipoints to anyone else (good or bad). for some rreason, perhaps i am lazy and dont' want to click it. But the trick is, if you give people more comments on their posts, they are most likely more inclined to comment on yours.

    Just an idea that my little mind discovered

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    Right said aaro..........You reap what you sow......Dont give antpoints and you wont receive any either....But I guess the antipoints thing is there for level headed people who understand the worth of an article......So I guess if u really cont like an article..The Go for it...
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    I give antipoints when I see a post and it makes me think, man that was good. You know the type lots of info that is relevent.

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    Take a look at this thread. I think you will find it very helpful.

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    Yeah I only give out Anti=points to good threads or posts, most of the people who give stupid replys I'll give them negatives. But that only happens when the person who posts doesn't know anything about the topic but just wants to post somthing stupid.

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    I give both positive and negative antipoints frequently. I give more positive antipoints than negative antipoints. I reward antipoints anonymously, because that information should not be of concern to the recipient.

    The most important part of the antipoints system is the comments one receives. For this reason, I only give antipoints, positive or negative, when I am able to put into words why the user deserves the antipoints. I only value the antipoints I recieve with a comment.

    One can expect to receive positive antipoints if one presents valuable information or enlightening ideas in an intelligent and intelligible manner. One can also expect to receive positive antipoints when one raises intelligent questions that interest me.

    I do not reward users with positive antipoints for any of the following reasons:

    -To thank the user for positive antipoints given me.
    -When the poster has repeated what has already been said.
    -When the poster has obviously not understood the original post, or bothered to read it in it's entirety.

    One can expect to receive negative antipoints when one flames another without provocation or just cause. Under certain circumstances I may also give negative antipoints to one responding to such flames. This is because doing so encourages the flamer and dilutes the thread.

    I do not punish users with negative antipoints for any of the following:

    -When the poster has given me negative antipoints.
    -When the poster starts an intelligent thread in the wrong forum, accidently.
    -When I disagree with the poster's views, or when the poster disagrees with mine.
    -When the poster posts flames in an already worthless thread.

    I do not concern myself with the number of antipoints I have received, but with the quality of the comments that accompany them. The comments can be a tool to self-improvement.

    An idea's merit is not affect by the author's antipoint balance.

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    I generaly don't give anti-points unless I find a post very interesting\helpfull\amusing (i.e. a lot of the posts in tutorials and the more entertaining ones in general chat) or annoying to the point that I wish I could slap whoever wrote it (i.e. Hans, or whatever it is he's calling himself now)

    Also, I couldn't care less about puntuation and spelling in posts as long as they are coherent.
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    I look at a post, I think "Wow, that was a good post" and I move on.
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