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Thread: How not to get Flamed!

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    Cool How not to get Flamed!

    |-How not to get flamed-|

    Author- Ennis

    Man, this is really an information tutorial as more of a funny, helpful guide for newbies. Written months ago!

    * note about the text
    * what is flaming?
    * reasons people get flamed
    * how to avoid a flame war
    * general hints + tips


    *Note about the text*
    Ok, the reason for this text is simple, at every forum newbies get flamed. We know this because everyone was a newbie and everyone's been flamed at least once. This text in short helps show newbies the main reasons why people get flamed and how to avoid humiliation and confrontation in forums. Flame Wars can occur on any BBS, forum, IRC channel and so on.
    I hope this somewhat short but helpful document can explain the culture of flaming and how to avoid becoming one of its many victims.
    There are many anti-flaming forums but they are few and far between so keep reading. This text is aimed at the raw newbie so experianced BBS users will probably know this all to well.

    *What is flaming?*
    Flaming is the mockery and general insults a person recieves in forums, on IRC or in chatrooms that is invoked by the person themselves.
    It usually involves harsh insults, Lamer, script kiddie, etc. and so on depending on the lameness of the comment that sparked the flame war. They will usually involve the rarely used CAPS LOCK just to prove their point. It can damage reputations and make some newbies leave forums after a single post so it can be harmful to a board to allow too much flaming.
    Most regulars if badly flamed will actually register again with a new alias as their rep has been so badly damaged. I have seen it happen to some great people and sometimes to those that really deserved it!
    Also some people are master flamers {well they like to think they are} and will indulge in humour and strange flames and well Ive seen some weird people on them boards. These people will in turn get flamed by moderators for this but they dont really care.
    So basically flaming is a violent, mocking, funny, LARGE insult that hurts
    some poor fella's feelings...

    *Reasons people get flamed*
    OK, this is the most important part for the newbies among you all. So you know know what flame attacks are but why do people recieve them.

    [1] Bragging.
    So we all like to think we're elite and so on but are wise enough to realise that most of us are not, and even if we are, bragging dosen't win anyone new friends so when some guy comes along and says,
    "Ive just hacked hotmail, im so l33t!!!!"
    he will get flamed. You know the type, that deface geocities sites and use Sub7, well they usually believe for some strange reason they are somehow elite.

    [2] Asking people to hack for you.
    A very obvious tactic of a lamer. Heres an example:
    "My freind has lost his password to his hotmail account, how do i get it back for him"
    Now fair enough sometimes it happens but surely the lamer's freind would get his own password back, and there are ways of getting these things back from your e-mail account provider. Anyway it is simply a waste of time trying to get into your mates hotmail account as when you get in you may find yourself what will I do now Im in?
    Also things like "This guy hates hackers, deface his site" wont get you far....especially when the guy's site turn's out to the lamer's school site. Be inventive when lying and dont be so feckin obvious.

    [3] Pretending to be a superhacker.
    Attempting to fool a group of hacker's about your skill's never works and will get you flamed. Saying you can use SUB7 and have mastered the mailbomber proves little, but are usually the starting point of most newbies, and I recommend messing around with these small programs but dont expect respect for it. Going on IRC and sayin how secure your Windows assault machine is isnt smart, if your security is a firewall beware as your nice little Windows box will be harmed in a lethal non-ethical manner..

    [4] Use of capital letters and constant spelling errors. Ok, not everyone can spell correctly 24/7 as I'm sure there are mistakes in the
    past few lines but obvious and constant errors and use of cap locks deserve a flame.
    EG. "So haw di o gut an ip abbess, **** soooooooooooooooooooooooo hARRRRRDDD!!!!"
    The reply to such statements may also use cap-locks but for insulting results...
    Remember many hackers are intelligent guys, why they should become illiterate is beyond me so keep the standard up or you may find yourself wr1tt1¬G |1<3 +h15....

    [5] Asking FAQ's.
    A commen mistake of the newbie is to join a forum and ask a question that is
    very simple. Its not the simplicity of the answer that annoys those in the forum but the
    fact that its probably been answered 1000's of times before. This is maybe the main reason people get flamed, later on in General hints +
    tips I have a list of the most frequently asked questions. P.S. Use A search engine...

    *How to avoid a flame war*
    Its not hard to spark a flame war but its hard to avoid flaming back when you get flamed yourself. However a flame war can ruin your reputation quickly, especially if the
    flamer had a legitimate reason to flame you.
    Remember who your flaming, make sure you dont flame moderators or admins or you may get banned!
    Avoid needlessly flaming newbies when you become a regular, remember we were all newbies once.
    IRC flame wars usually result in several people getting nuked and pinged so dont get involved unless you're ready for a war.
    Try keep a level head, if you want people to help you out or you want to get some warez of theirs, then be nice and lick some ass and you may find people will give you ice-cream.

    *General hints and tips*
    Research your answers before replying in forums, nothings worse than getting it wrong when youve been acting big and saying you can easily help out. Dont act elite unless you know your stuff as youll only get caught out.

    Always check if your question has been answered before in forums. The most likely asked questions are listed here:
    Q- How do i use SUB7/ where can i get SUB7/ trojan questions in general are always asked. These are lame so avoid.
    Q- The dreaded.... How do i hack hotmail/yahoo!/aol, any e-mail account?
    This is a very annoying question. You may find your topic locked up after the 100th reply calling you a lamer.
    Q- How do i get someone's ip address? Call yourself a hacker? This has usually been answered numerous times in forums.
    Q- What the hell is Linux, i bet it sucks compared to Windows? Now this may get you killed, many hackers will be Linux users and rightly so with Windows lame security, I advise never to mock Linux in a chat-room or on irc.

    Well there the main questions, Im sure there'll be more as hacking grows, always research and read texts and tutorials.
    Many questions are answered with the simple READ, READ, READ answer which basically do what your doing now. Get your hands on texts and tutorials and you will learn.
    Reading other questions posted or asked by others is a good way to learn.

    N.B. Dont be afraid to ask a question if you feel its important but you'll get flamed for it. Simply explain what the problem is and explain how you tried to find the answer for yourself but came out with no answers.

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    Very good I like that. But you should make one that says "How to ask Proper questions on Anti-online" lol, I"m just joking.

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    Very good I like that. But you should make one that says "How to ask Proper questions on Anti-online" lol, I"m just joking.
    Maybe I will someday, LOL!

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    Nice info, i'll keep it in mind...
    --It\'s all good... (Except for Windows ME)--

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    hehe accurate and amusing!

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    You should also add that you should not say "Whatever" sucks in any post. That is the best way to avoid getting flamed. The next thing is do not start any more "Windows XP vs. Linux" threads. I will personally flame anyone who starts another one.
    Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
    --Ecclesiastes 10:19

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    Sorry dude I havent the power to stop such threads!

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    Re: How not to get Flamed!

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Ennis
    [B]|-How not to get flamed-|

    Most regulars if badly flamed will actually register again with a new alias as their rep has been so badly damaged. I have seen it happen to some great people (heh heh) I bet like..... ME

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    good stuff.... and so true. if only some of the people here at ao could just learn... hopefully your post will help.

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    Maybe maybe not, this place is just a haven for flamers these days.

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