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Thread: Whats the best IP Scanner

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    Question Whats the best IP Scanner

    --It\'s all good... (Except for Windows ME)--

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    NMAP, and no you can't run it on Windows ME haxor boy.

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    superscan also is nice ...just try that...


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    I will highly recommand LanGuard the best scanner i have ever seen u can alter the ports according to ur needs.

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    Port Scanner

    namp for *nix /* great for advanced stealth scanning and
    OS finger printing. CLI or GUI with the FE */

    nessus for *nix or windows

    LanGuard is good /*perhaps even a little scary it's so good */
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    I liked the old port flash the one with the lightning bolt on it, but there is one you can get Local Port scanner at which is good. It has 4 different scans, a tracroute and a nice GUI interface.

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    Originally posted by Syxx
    NMAP, and no you can't run it on Windows ME haxor boy.


    did i not mention i ran linux boxes as well?
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    I like 7th sphere ...small quick and does what it says
    There\'s no sense in being would never work anyway.

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    Originally posted by Therealmaster
    I like 7th sphere ...small quick and does what it says
    Might call me old school but i agree

    7thSphere does the job, but then again people say its stealth i dont think it is, thats why it is BEST to code YOUR OWN SCANNER if you want it to be stelth, cus well buddy, sorry to inform you but scanning other people ports is concidered hacking and they can get you for it....

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    Port Scanning is NOT considered hacking and is perfectly legal. Some admins might not like it and send a nasty e-mail either to you or your upstream, but it is a perfectly legal practice. Maybe you should stop getting your "hacking" info from AOL chat rooms.

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