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    Talking What is your favorite...

    I bet you thought I was going to say something along the lines of OS or programming language.. well.. I've decided not to.. instead.. if you could have any creature as a pet.. which would you select.. now.. this can be completely a completely unrealistic post, considering I was thinking of either a dragon or.. a bobomb.. or Ms. Pacman.. .. o O (The fun I could have with her.. hehe.. ) well.. use your imagination.. I mean.. who really wants a goldfish..? Unless.. it can cast some insane magical spells, or tranform into some other creature.. or... well.. I'll let you decide.. Of course if the pets I desired were possible to obtain.. I'd have an insane number of creatures living in my home, rather than just insane creatures..


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    One thing i'm sure of, many men in this forum wud like to keep Mermaid as their pet.

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    I'd keep lemmings on my roof.

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    Miniature telepathic dragons about a foot in length that were very intelligent, excellent hackers/programmers (daemons, heh). Color(s) of your choice, could turn invisible so as not to freak others out. Slim but strong, wings about two feet total in length when spread, skin made of small, layered scales about the same smoothness of a snake or a bit rougher, but not as tightly fit (seen dragonheart? his scales on a smaller scale). Very graceful, nimble hands capable of rapid typing or other dextrous activities, excellent balance and able to stand on hind legs.

    Please, suggestions on this race/species. I would love to develop them more, thanks.
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    me would have to go with the dragon aswell lol seems thats the fav choice... or maybe a pheonix now that'd be cool or should I say hot 8þ
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    I would like a dog.
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    Talking Re: best pet

    I would like the Dust Puppy from the User Frienly cartoon
    UserFriendly .
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    Animal.... hummn
    ok how about a cyborg monkey that throws **** at things but you have total command of it. It can also do tricks like miniturize into a really small monkey and go into the phoneline. You could send it out to reck havik on computer systems. It would be the ultimate hacker.

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    I want a dozen grey mice with blue tails that'll write computer games and programs for me when I'm not home. And then I want an orange tabby cat that plays poker with the mice when I am home.
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    I wouldnt mind having an super-fat orange cat named muffin. Like 75lbs, if it were to walk up there stairs it would only go about 4 steps before it had to rest and whenever a woman walked by it would start to limp.

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