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Thread: what about louie?

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    what about louie?

    On the bottom of my signature, you'll notice that it says "visit" yes the address is This is a site put together by my boss at my job, the local ISP. If you click the link labled "CL Radio", you'll go to the clublouie radio archives. If it is a thursday, between 7 and ten p.m. central time, you can LISTEN LIVE. clikc that link. ( i noticed that right now the page says you cna listen live, but thats wrong)
    also, you can click the archive section...this will birng up all the dates of past shows. Starting wit the newest. Each one for hte last four or five contians ranting and raving of computer professionals, special features such as "BigA's musical interlude" which is by me. There is some other intresting things...true it does get boring at times, but alwasy feel free to fastforward the archive a bit let me know what you think...

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    Decided to check out clublouie not to bad of a site. What was the funniest was the little script kiddie who figured that he was a hacker.Some 10 year old who thought he was a brain when it came to computers it is worth a read because it shows how stupid some kids really are now don`t get me wrong on AntiOnline we have Young People Who Really Do Know What They Are Talking About. I am the first to admit that I have used info that the younger folk have posted but here they do not brag that they know everything about computers. This kid told a person who works for a ISP server that he knew more about hacking and kicking off people from yahoo chat line then this older guy. Aarobonob if this guy is your boss you are lucky he seems like a right on dude and at least he knows how to have fun on line. Good little site tell your boss.
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    thanx for the review...i'd be happy to hear what others have to say about it. I'll send the comments to him (my boss)

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    Nice site, enjoyed the philosphy section!

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    I like your site, nice design.

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    remember, my boss's site hehe..i told him, and he's offering promotion? ok not really but.. hehe ..he's "pablo"

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    Culb Louie was a cool site. I enjoyed the philosophy pages.
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