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Thread: Shareware trial period

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    Post Shareware trial period

    I used a trial version of Easy CDDA Extractor which I downloaded, and anyway the thing limits use of the product to twenty times. A friend told me that there was a way to get around this by editing the registry, and I was wondering how? I am not trying to steal software from this manufacturer, if I wanted to I could download another free trial version from their website, but using a 56k modem downloading anything over 1mb sucks.
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    not trying to steal it, but yet take another trial version? the trial version is to let you test it..20 times seems like plenty. I suggest buying it (that is my official opinion ). The registry hack can most likley be found in a crack program. Just search for the title of the program plus "crack" in yahoo. i mean, do that if you wish to um..ah ...cough illegal.

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