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Thread: Linux/Windows question

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    Linux/Windows question

    Can Linux and Windows be on the same system together? It seems like I heard they could somewhere.

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    Yep they can although you have to keep in mind that the bootloader of windows 9x cannot boot up linux (or any other os besides win 9x) so you have to use LILO or Grub also watch it when you partition your hard drive's (easiest way is to just have to hard disks and use a disk per os) if you make a mistake you can well delete your already running os and delete data on the disk.


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    Ive heard other people who have had trouble free dual OS in their computer, but the second I tried I ran into the hardest 3 days of crap Ive ever experienced. Simply put WINDOWS HATES LINUX!!!
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    Linux Mandrake, 7.0 and newer, has an automatic install option which will resize a Windows partition (with, theoretically, no loss of data) and install itself into a new partition. Defragmenting the Windows Partition first is recommended, though.
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    Thanks for your replies!

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    anyone else?

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    I would say get a 2nd harddrive, and if u don't have the cash. Try a distro like SuSe.
    It is easier to setup and provides easy partitioning.
    Alos u can have it wrtie the lbootloader at the beginning the mbr.

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    so Suse over mandrake?

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    I am currently running linux and windows on a partitioned machine. Although it is easier to run it with two hard drives, it can easily be done the other way. i used redhat linux and it took me about 2 tries to set it up right (if you make one mistake you have to start over...... the only concequence) just make sure you know every bit of information about your machine possible.

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    Two hard drives is out of the question...but I think I will try my luck at paritioning on my old crapper pc defore I try on this one. Thanks for your help!

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