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Thread: Should Cyberspace be considered a seprate nation?

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    Question Should Cyberspace be considered a seprate nation?

    One day I was on an IRC channel and I came up with an Idea. My Idea was Cyberspace becomeing a seprate nation. I personaly belive that it should. The reason being, every country has diffrent laws as to the way people should act online. For example If a german hacks into the pentagon computer system. Germany might not punish the hacker as much as America would like. But if Cyberspace would become a seprate nation then we would have a universal punishment for malitious hackers.

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    A great idea in a perfect world but Im be blunt here, it's not gonna happen. It would be impossible for the world to control the entire internet and disagreements over punishments would be rife.

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    Re: reminds me of 1984 (the book)

    I can see where you are coming from, and I agree that in a perfect world it is a good idea. Before hackers, I would go after the people that like to script in enough pop-ups to make the Pope cuss on every frick'n page on their site.

    An issue I can see with the Idea is that there are always going to be peole who know how to beat the system/rules/security measures. So what I would invision in such a world is a bunch of law abiding citizens suffering ridiculous restrictions on their internet usage, while the evil ones continue on as normal. After all when they are already breaking the law, I don't see a point in adding more laws for them to break. imho
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    I don't think that a cybernation would be a possibility. Never mind the issue of creating government etc. but the varing differences of options and cultures. AO has a little more cohesion because most of the participants are geeks or geekettes. I play an online game where this is very evident. The cultural backgrounds vary extensively. There is no one unifying factor besides the game itself.

    I suspect that concensus would be a near impossibility. Merely look at the discussion on whether one likes being monitored on the Internet or not. (
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    Bad idea for one you would end up with taking or freedom away.

    Another reason I don't see this working is that new nations were built on people who didn't like what was going on in there original country. Take example of the U.S. being created, we started or own for that reason.

    Part of the reason so many people like the internet is because there are no boundarys, when you set boundaries among nations there is going to be trouble.

    I know the idea sounds good. I would have to admit but there are to many other options like creating a seperate a 2nd net would be better I think. I know are own government is looking into that. After hearing a speech a while ago from the new director of homeland security. Tottally branched off from the public, or the 1st internet.

    There are also to many people, How would you compromise with people that large.

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    Who'd be the president of cyberspace? Would it have politicians like in real life that don't know a damn thing and **** everything up? It'd be nice ideally, without them, and if it worked perfectly. But we're human and couldn't do it, I don't think. A nicer thing would be international security where all the laws are enforced the same in different countries.

    Good thinking though.
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    Once again I see this a way of "controlling" the web which I am strongly opposed to. There is no need (in my opinion) for any controlling body or for the 'net to be it's "own nation"

    Come on people...enjoy the freedom!

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    how would a nation control the internet?

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    ANARCHY will always control the internet, the people who use it will control it, just the way it should be...

    the thought of a bunch of politicians discussing how to regulate the internet scares me, it would fall into a big brother system where this new government would watch every persons every move while they were connected
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