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    Well being that 9-11 is still a topic in many places I think that I will let everyone on here know what I think:

    Well first off I think that America has for too long been striving on the fact that it was all powerful and untouchable.. 9-11 proved just the opposite. It was a horrible day for us all in the simple fact that we as not so much Americans but Humans lost many innocent lives. But, Were they all truly innocent that question deserves an answer, but none will be given. the names of those who were found can be found at what were their names dot com. I think that in the fact of losing all these lives we crippled the future of America.. Think about it. What if one of these decendents of these people created something that benifited the future of all man kind.. Like the cure for cancer.. or something of the sorts. Not likely but, We never know.

    We strive to be strong, but find out how truly weak we are as a race. How vulnerable we are as humans. How ignorant we are to the truth and how blind society makes us. We think that it is horrible when tens of thousands in Africa dies from no food and we do nothing. But, You have 4500 people die and America instantly jumps on the offensive and bombs the crap out of them. Yet those Africans are still dying.. and we are adding more corpses to the body count.. This war is helping nothing but boosting ego's and bloating heads. There are homeless on the streets of America noone cares about but, we spend billions of dollars to bomb some third world war torn country and cause millions more to die, Directly or not. I don't know.. Your views are invited what do you think.

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    All our thoughts in government, media, and most people's minds are contradictory. We want peace so we bomb and kill those in another country. We upgrade security but most people are still afraid to go on planes. (Why? You're more likely to die on the way to the airport than in the plane.) We say that the hate of terrorists is so horrible that we go off to another part of the world and kill them. But what about the racist, hateful people here? Shouldn't we be bombing the towns of serial killers? Why are we so hypocritical?? When will we change??

    Probably never...
    Why am I still here?

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    Shouldn't we be bombing the towns of serial killers?
    Allright you get L.A., New York, Chicago, I'll get London, Paris, Moscow.
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