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  • Red Hat

    6 37.50%
  • Mandrake

    2 12.50%
  • Slackware

    2 12.50%
  • Debian

    0 0%
  • Sun Solaris

    0 0%
  • Free BSD

    4 25.00%
  • Other

    2 12.50%
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Thread: Favorite Distribution

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    Question Favorite Distribution

    Just wondering
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    Mandrake, purely because I keep killing it so many times and the install is so much easier (I'm just lazy!)
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    mandrake, cause it is the easiest to use for a newbie like me

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    Geez quite a few people voted, but know replies as to why they voted for what they voted.

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    Re: Distro

    Just a quick note. FreeBSD is *not* Linux. It is a free, Open Source and very popular BSD Unix. I am not irritated by this or anything, but just wanted to point it out. For those that have never used it, it is very different from Linux, in many, many ways.
    All the same, I recommend that you try it out, it is awesome.

    My favorite Linux Distro is Slackware.
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    I would have to pick SuSe.
    Great support, and not too expensive (if you buy it)
    and it comes with all the documentation you need.

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    My fave (at the moment) is SUSE 7.3, it's the first distro I've found that puts lilo onto a floppy by default if it sees that NT or 2k or XP is installed. It's easy to use, nice gui and great options when installing.

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    You like having lilo on a floppy?

    I'm a debian woody man - apt-get install netcat nmap :-)

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    For someone new

    This is a little of topic but which would you recommend for someone fairly new to linux scene? I have tried Red hat 7 for a bit and it seemed ok but I'm just wandering about the others.

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