I feel like I'm screwed!!!

1: I need something that will ensure to an immense degree that my IP address will not be swiped every smacked ass that know's how to obtain such a thing! I've been hacked before & it sucks ass bein blamed for something that I didn't do!!!

2. An evil bastard tossed a wee little virus into my computer & now every time my screen saver kicks in my anti-virus software comes up w/ a warning that it detects a virus,.....(now get this) a virus that doesn't exist!! The ScreenScan says that it detects a virus in file "C:\_RESTORE\TEMP\A9703270.CPY". Every time I run a virus scan an error comes up after about 20,000 or so files scanned saying that it can not continue! (Scan32 has caused an error in MCSCAN32.DLL. Scan 32 will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer.)

Well,....first of all, that file in my C drive does not exist...and yet my virus scan seems to think it is!!! "C:\_RESTORE\" does not exist in my C drive at all!! So, how do I clean or (better yet) delete a file in my C drive that is not in my C drive!? I must be missing something..... It must be in there, but somehow its hiding...invisible or whatever & I just can't see it! Soo,.....how do I find it & then when I find it what's the best course of action to take w/ it?

I'm about to be Al Bundy in that Married W/ Children episode when he takes a sledgehammer to his computer....hehe!

.....help me, please! Spookey Ruben