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Thread: return to wolfenstien castle

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    Question return to wolfenstien castle

    has anyone here played this online game ???
    if not u should try it it's a great game!
    my ???? is has anyone that has played or know about wolfenstien seen the map mp_wolf29.bsp

    and if so how would i go about getting this map
    It is a bootleg made map for the game .

    if anyone has info or wants to aske me ??/ on the game im more than to help u can find my e-mail adress in my profile
    thank u to anyone that can help .
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    Re: rtcw

    No I haven't seen that map.

    Oh, and by the way there is a Linux binary available at , I am hoping that the actual binary will be available on or about Nov 27th /* the tentative release date */
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    I just downloaded the original Wolfenstein. I wish this was a multiplayer game capable of supporting 16 player deathmatches. It would be real easy to setup, all you would need is more weapons. If I ever get big into video game programming (as I wish to one day do) I will write a wolfenstein clone that can do all these things and give it away for free. Imagine not needing those big expensive graphics cards to have fun in a deathmatch. I will hop onto my 486 and play right along with someone with a p4. Oh well, until the day comes I will have to play this single player Wolfenstein.
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    Smile reply

    to those who have seen wolfenstien the mp version
    they have come out with a 2nd game it's the same thing but they fixed alot of the bugs that come out in the first wolf multiplayer game check it out u might like it

    and if anyone finds the map for wolf ------mp_wolf29 -------
    this is a bootleg map some one reverse enginered the beach test map and made there own so if ANYONE can getahold of it
    mail me im me do something i want this map
    PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The more bread u have the less **** u have to eat

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    Shoot me, please

    My son told me about Return to Castle Wolfenstein. (I'm so old, I remember the first 'Wolfenstein' (click, click, click...little stick men) long before the 3-D version came out.

    Anyway, seems the other players are really annoyed with my tactics. (Sniper....shoot, move, shoot, move)

    Now, when I login to a server, my firewalls go nuts with port 137 scans. Mostly from the 24.x.x.x network. Wonder why...laughing.

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    I don't know about the map but the games great.....
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