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Thread: How to delete the folder?

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    Wink How to delete the folder?

    why the folder:..\favorites\links reappear always after i delete it,and how can i do it?

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    Smileron: I don't know how to delete it..
    However, on IE6 , if you hide it, it will not appear in your favourites menu.... at least thats what happens on my system....

    I don't know what operating system your using, but...

    Win9x you can find the favourites folder in..

    *I think thats where it is, I don't run 9x anymore*

    Windows 2K+ you can find the favourites in..

    \Documents and Settings\%UserName%\Favourites

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    that folder is created from Internet explorer automaticlly
    everytime you open internet explorer .

    try to delete that folder from Favorities
    i think this will work

    I hope this help
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    This is a microsoft trick so that it will force you to look at the links to their business partners sites. You can hide it but you cant delete it. I tried for hours to be rid of it, and I found it returns after you close and reopen IE.
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    Yes, so get rid of IE and install Netscape.
    Way better the M$ explorer.

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