I placed a windows 95 machine into service to have te disc formatted memory upgrade and installattion of windows 98se.
Initially i purchased the machine used and the only files on the computer of my own were a few windows media files that windows media recorded of of my marylin manson c.d.
Okay i get the computer back turn it on start goin you know through files to see whats new and improved,anyways it had w media 6 installed so i now had windows update so i dl'ed the media seven player once installed it showed marylin manson files in the media library?
And not to seem overly concerened i replaced the battery for my system clock cause evrytime i booted the time was wrong so i changed the battery and told it what drivers to use and it still does it?Was i ripped off by technicall flunkies at compusave?or do file naturally linger(lol)after formatting?
Thanks for putting up with me