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    does anyone know where i can get a java (or some oth er language) program that monitors multiple emails? i uses this at college, ( i mean, i would like to use it at college) we can't install programs, but we can run applets. any ideas?

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    Forgive me if im totally lost here but i have an email account at and when i log in it tells me my last successfull log in/and last unseccessfull attempt wich is too cool to me especially when it logs the ip of the thwarted attemptor too,but my point/ question is if you looked at the source code while on that page would that give you the basics for the e-mail monitoring your seeking or am i still lost?
    HOWS that answer a question with a question?

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    If I'm correct, you want to check multiple mailaccounts with a single program? But because you can't install anything, you have to do it through a web interface (thus, java seems naturally)...

    Java-applets (in html) have restricted access to one's harddrive. Thus, I think it's quite hard to write such an emailprogram. I'm sure it's possible, and hey, maybe it's even out there, but bottom line, -I'm not that smart-

    This is what I would do, in your place. You will need to have your home computer connected to the internet 24/7, though. Install any program on your home computer that handles the email you want it to. Eudora does that for me. Have a look.

    Secondly, on that same computer, install the VNC Server. Have a look at the site. VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a program that lets you take control of your computer (keyboard and mouse) over the internet. They have a java-client you could use at your school.

    I know people are going to complain about this being insecure and all, but frankly, I (personally, in this case) couldn't care less. If someone wants to go through all the trouble to read my email, or, worst, mess up my harddrive, well, so be it. I know this is dangerous to say, but in over 5 years of computer usage, only once my computer got completely *****ed - and only because I ran an executable sent to me by the brother of someone I trusted. To bad that brother was a 14 year old who just discovered the true meaning of the word scriptkiddie..

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    ok, here's the situation. I have three accounts of eamil. one normal one, one for my college account and one for work. i would like a java program that monitors new mail. the program would alert you if one of the accounts recieves new mail while the program is running. True i could load up three browsers and hit refresh, but after a while thats annoying. I can't connect all the time to the internet because i haven't the money for a dedicated account (college student) and i dont' live int he dorms..besdies, this java applet is for use at school.

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    Use one of the bigger free e-mail services, most of them allow you to check mail from pop servers, hope this helps


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    ok..tyring to be more clear. The problem isn't checking them. also, i dont want to remove them from the server. you know how MSN messenger pops up a window that says "you have recieved a message from so and so" when you get emails. i want a java program or some other web program that does this AND tells what account its at... need anymore clarifications?

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