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Thread: How do you feel about Warez?

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    Question How do you feel about Warez?


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    I used to do a lot of Warez, but the hassle of the pop-ups, the dead links, the misleading links, the links that take you for loops, the bad files, and the misery of trying to crack it got the best of me. It's not worth it. It's much easier and less stressful to just buy the software (unless it's Microsoft, of course ).

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    I don't think you're going to get too many honest answers with this one, SolidPez..

    It's a difficult question to answer. I would assume that most of us have used WaReZ @ some point....

    Should software only be available to those that can afford it? There's always Open Source if thats the case. Linux install cost me $16.50.

    Personally, I believe in free software...But what about the guy that wrote the program? He needs some form of income...

    Like I said....difficult question to answer....

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    I think I see what you are saying..thanks for the input.

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    I feel that even though the developer deserves payment for the work they have done, learning through means of software should not be limited to those who can afford the software, as mentioned by someone else in this thread. Take Photoshop for example. For a professional company with the money to afford it, they should have to pay full fee for the usage of the product (online download costs 609.95 on Adobe's website... what happens if the download fails? Do you have to pay again if the download fails? Or will they actually look at their logs and determine that your download failed and let you resume the download for free? Probably not in my opinion). But for those out there who really can't afford this piece of software (mainly students on a highly tight budget, people in third world countries, starving digital artists, and poor artists who are really talented in general who don't have the outrageous amount of money needed for a high end image editing program such as our forementioned friend Photoshop.
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    very good point psycho

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    I used to think that warez would be great for getting free programs. Turns out that the only thing you can find on warez is porn. I did get one program from them though, SimCity 2000, the dos version. I could have gotten this for free without warez.
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    Re: interesting question

    Here is an option that I think most professional programmers can live with if they make their living coding for a company that sells it's product to the public.

    But what you can afford if it is closed source.

    If you can not afford it, try a copy that is shareware, freeware, or even a burned/gnutella copy. /* being carefull about spyware and other nasties that may be hiding in there. */

    If you really think it's that great after downloading an illegitimate copy, go and buy the real thing.

    While it is true that this hurts these companies revenue, I do not think people should have to pay a lot of money for software they have not had a chance to try out.

    Besides, the real moeny is often made when a company like mine purchases a pool of say 5,000 licenses at a much higher cost for a peice of software like paint shop pro.

    If these don't sound good try Open Source. It is free, back door free, and you can help make the program better or alter it to be what you want it to be.

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    Originally posted by ThePreacher
    I used to think that warez would be great for getting free programs. Turns out that the only thing you can find on warez is porn. I did get one program from them though, SimCity 2000, the dos version. I could have gotten this for free without warez.

    True...WaReZ can be quite difficult to browse. But....if you have "popup killer" configured correctly (and I don't mean working properly...I mean configured to allow some, but not all, WaReZ sites through...a very time consuming process) and a little patience it's not too dificult to get what you're after.

    Also, one of the best WaReZ sites (warez-utopia) has no pop ups whatsoever. It's just a matter of knowing where to look. If you spend a few weeks lurking on any of the "cracker" usenet groups you will soon be pointed in the right direction...Stolen (or pirated) software is rather easy to come by....

    I'd just like to point out that I neither approve or disapprove of WaReZ. Anyone who visits &/or downloads software @ the above mentioned site does so @ their own risk.........................

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    Everyone thinks warez only comes from websites...

    no one remembers the good ol FTP!

    Look for underground warez groups...

    The websites are just the cover...
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