for like a year and 1/2 until today...
As i hunch over my keyboard in the shadow of glare emmitting from my monitor ,i enter this with hope that after the very final stages of cyber space this finds everyone in the very best of health and happiness.
I have been devouring all the information available to me and applying my new learned skills.It is amazing how better one feels when they actually know they have control over there computer
the first time i installed a network card/had to troubleshoot because the (driver)disc was corrupted,i felt like DUH what do i do
but after i solved the problem i felt like captain computer.
Thanks to everyone for such a positive place to learn in an otherwise negative world.>>>>>>And if anyone should be interested in
an avid,determined highly motivated apprentice with outstanding learning potential............Id love to be him if you'll have me.
Have a Great day everyone