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    Question Security Career Advice

    I was wondering if anyone can give me some direction on a career in Computer Security? Am not a complete novice but don't know where to look for training etc. I am based in Chehire England and need to find something appropriate - college etc. I have only been into computers for about 2 years but am a fast learner.
    Cheers everyone!!

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    Arrow the career

    I as well have wondered this question. Currently i am enroled in the University of Wisconsin Green Bay (USA) for Computer Science. I am wondering if i made the correct choice. I may be changing mine to Information Technology tho. My major to IT , i meant. Anyway, in the field of computer security, there are a few positions.
    -Network Administrator-either for companies (with their own LAN) or for Internet Service Providers.
    -Security Software Developers-Both Big companies like NOrtons and also for some of the smaller companies hire these people to create programs or to look over them to make them "crack" proof.

    Let me know what you decide, because I am as well slighty undecided...

    oh btw, only two years? ah, that means you missed the fun of All DOS systems and even before that, stuff like Atari BAsic and BAsica programming

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    hehe, i've only been into this stuff for about half a year (but am also a very fast learner), so i have missed EVERYTHING
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    please dont ask, "was there life before w95?" heehee. if anyone is interested in older computer methods, and such, feel free to post or ask me. true, i'm not older or been around with stuff like some have been here, but i've been living with my computer for 8 years off and on

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    You can find tons of info on Computer Security Training, certification, careers, and just plain computer security at

    browse the site a bit, and you should see some good info.


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    Thanks for the comments folks, have doodled with dos a few times, only really use it for fdisk, ping, etc. Will keep on looking for ways into security and will post any links / info.
    Thanks IchNiSan, looks like a good site, will browse my little socks off!!!
    The American colleges seem to have a head start on us, IT has not long been in schools etc here and then it's fairly basic... sigh!

    All advice gratefully recieved, people!

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    Re: Security Career Advice

    Originally posted by daveh
    I am based in Chehire England and need to find something appropriate - college etc.
    Well i don't think that colleges (ie 6th forms) actually do computer security as such...but a computing course would probably be a good idea.

    If it's a Uni your after...i think that the best you'll be able to find in England is one doing computer science and then adapt your career from there.
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    THanks Therealmaster, will be getting onto that! Anyone know of any good websites preferably based in the UK (if offering training?)

    Cheers guys and gals

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