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Thread: when you say "d@mn, this sucks"

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    Stupidist think ive ever done with computers..

    one time i had about 12 computers in the back of my truck for w0rk..
    driving down these awful streets with potholes and everything doin like 60.. wasnt thinking about it.. Then went on the freeway. etc..

    n e ways all i know after driving an hour or so..

    i looked back.. only two computers were left. its ok tho.
    they were apple ]['s


    My friends seem to think the stupidist thing ive done is back in the day when ihad my packardbell 50mhz
    and got a copy of heretic.

    wouldnt play.. to much ram taken up in the 640k barrier..(Dos and sound drivers mouse drivers etc.)
    So i decided to format.

    Didnt care that all my homework (A buncha non turned in stuff too) was on my pc.. i wanted to play heretic over the modem.

    so formatted
    installed heretic
    played for hours..

    and im happy..

    had to redo a buncha homework tho..

    it was worth it..
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    6months go my friend was fixing computer and he forgot to put the cooler on the procesor.When he switch on the computer we saw the smoke.It was the Thunder Bird 850Mhz................ )

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    most people say u learn from ur own mistakes... and it's absolutely true! i'm a lucky person.... i grew up side by side with the PC so i learned to use arj in DOS when i was about 9-10 years old. but also at the age og 11 i had already ****ed my father's PC up about 15 times... (i formatted it, deleted the boot files, u name it!)... just because i was curious.... so if u ever see a curious neo (nevermind the age) then never let him near ur puter!.... it's asking for a disaster!
    \"Software is like sex: it\'s better when it\'s free.\" -Linus Torvalds

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    Stupidest thing i ever did with a computer...

    Brake into a building, throw three out the window
    (it was ground level &
    i wasnt carrying them, i had... other things to do)

    i run like hell and when it was all over,
    it turned out that in all the confusion nobody noticed that ther were all IBM PS/2's

    That sucked ballz.
    I needed a new motherboard dammit.

    Dont flame me, they probably were happy that somebody got rid of them... haha...
    F0 0F C7 C8

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    Tweak (which is no longer) said it best

    "If it is't broke tweak it" !!!!! !!!
    Life is like a **** sandwich,
    The more bread u have the less **** u have to eat

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    haha.. i hooked up a pII 350 mhz... and had it all apart and basically i had everythign taken apart on my bed. i had it running...i was excited! i was just about to put it into the box..but theni had this idea..i had a faster PII or something... so turned off the comptuer and flipped the processor handle... grabbed the chip! well, i had no heat sink or fan on it. ouch. that is the smallest word. ouch. i burnt myself a nice little spot on my finger... no more need for finger prints...

    also,m one time i had that same computer apart (yes this was the early years) and i left her runnin on the bed..when i came back, the bed was smoldering!!!

    at that time, mom was super pissed

    oh speaking of hazards...once i hooked a space heater into a light socket plug was on a dimmer..wel i guess that doens't really work right... started my wall on fire.. the wireing in the wall melted.

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    When I was younger I used to play with computers. I have a commodore 64, an old IBM, an atari, and of coures, real computer. I used to play with stuff in the widows directory (don't tell anybody, but I do all the above now) well one day (I don't know how) I fried the hard drive. My parents where very happy with me as you can be sure. Don't get me wrong, they were not to hard on me. They only skinned me, boild me in oil, hung me, but the didn't shoot me cause that would be to nice. Just kidding.

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    I once dropped a cup of coffee over my bios chip ... great fireworks and stuff but ... well ... snif ... I ... bhuhuhu ...

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    --couldnt help it..
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    My freshman year someone threw a marble into an IMAC screen. It actually went into it and left a nice ragged hole. Anyways my friend turned it on and it made little poping and crackling noises. Later that week I would go in and put vasoline on the cd-rom lenses.

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