Stupidist think ive ever done with computers..

one time i had about 12 computers in the back of my truck for w0rk..
driving down these awful streets with potholes and everything doin like 60.. wasnt thinking about it.. Then went on the freeway. etc..

n e ways all i know after driving an hour or so..

i looked back.. only two computers were left. its ok tho.
they were apple ]['s


My friends seem to think the stupidist thing ive done is back in the day when ihad my packardbell 50mhz
and got a copy of heretic.

wouldnt play.. to much ram taken up in the 640k barrier..(Dos and sound drivers mouse drivers etc.)
So i decided to format.

Didnt care that all my homework (A buncha non turned in stuff too) was on my pc.. i wanted to play heretic over the modem.

so formatted
installed heretic
played for hours..

and im happy..

had to redo a buncha homework tho..

it was worth it..