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Thread: Korea Network Information Center

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    Question Korea Network Information Center

    Anyone heard of this?

    inetnum: -
    netname: CHANGMOON-WM-KR
    descr: Changmoon Girls Middle School
    descr: SEOUL
    descr: 142-104
    country: KR
    admin-c: JJ2225-KR
    tech-c: JJ2226-KR
    remarks: This IP address space has been allocated to KRNIC.
    remarks: For more information, using KRNIC Whois Database
    remarks: whois -h
    remarks: This information has been partially mirrored by APNIC from
    remarks: KRNIC. To obtain more specific information, please use the
    remarks: KRNIC whois server at
    mnt-by: MNT-KRNIC-AP
    changed: 20011105
    source: KRNIC


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    Why? What's your question? Did some one try to hack you or somthing?

    try looking up Changmon Middle school on the net.www.

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    Cool Yeah

    I have had hundreds of alert zonealarm popups that traced back to the APNIC and KNIC. Bloody annoying. It is like they site and scan things all day.


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    i too have had to backtrace this address, my guess is it ain't no girls middle school. it would be interesting to know how many countries have government/defense institutes scanning for sites to lay a cuckoo's egg into to reroute espionage communications.

    paranoid ramblings of a delusional mind? i think not...

    just because you're paraniod doesn't mean someone isn't after you.....

    as to the cuckoo's egg reference, i'm not loony, it is a very good book about hacker sleuthing in the infancy of the internet (arpnet and such). i read this book in about 8 hours, it's a fascinating read, if a little dated.

    The Cuckoos Egg By Cliff Stoll
    Paperback - 432 pages (October 3, 2000)
    Pocket Books; ISBN: 0743411463
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    I don't know if this is true or not but most of the hackers that are in those eastern countrys will only hack on systems that are available to students at schools, colleges, universitys. It makes perfect sense though why it's much harder to track back, and they have less of a chance of getting caught like hackers with a home computer.

    I remeber a while back like 4 months ago we had that China thing going on and there was like a cyber war going on between the China and the U.S. There a pain in the ass they scan every IP address and record it, that way when they come back they hack like 40 systems at once.

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    perhaps someone stole their IP address
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