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Thread: Is Anti-Online turning into a Survey

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    Re: you already asked this question!!!

    Sure, make a forum for *****'n off. i like to goof around and kid with people too. Lets make the forum and get on with it.

    btw, I have as noticed as others have that you hae been starting a lot of this sort of thing lately.
    Know this..., you may not by thyself in pride claim the Mantle of Wizardry; that way lies only Bogosity without End.

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    Re: Is Anti-Online turning into a Survey

    Originally posted by freeOn
    Is Antionline turining into a survey
    I'm surprised that you didn't put up a pole to see j/k

    Originally posted by freeOn
    I don't know but to me it's getting old.
    I guess it is a little but hell some of them are fun. maybe it would be a good idea to have a pole forum although couldn't you just ignore them?
    There\'s no sense in being would never work anyway.

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