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Thread: Virus!

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    Norton Anti-Virus has detected one on my system, it was unable to delete or do anything to combat it just adviced me to not open a file with lots of chars like "HAU2J23JB4HJ." something. It doesn't seem to be affecting my PC in anyway. I'm not sure where this file is located..although the virus protector said somethin bout IE5...then a bunch of stuff that made no sense. Should I just leave it, as it isn't causing any trouble (as of yet) or should I reformat and back everything up? Thx!

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    you should at least know if it quarantined it. if it did don't worry about it but try and delete it. you should find the path, boot in up in dos and delete it.
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    Get it off your system ASAP. It might not seem to be harming anything now, but it could be a ticking time bomb just waiting to wipe your hard drive. Also I make a copy on 3.5 " disc for further study of the virii. I usually use them to test my virus protection. So far Norton has detected all of them, except one which I disguised as a copy of MS "Solitare" or sol.exe. It will delete the mbr. I found it on a partitioning disc when I was in a peripherals class. It caused ud 6 hours of pain.
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    If the filename is a lot of jibberish, and it mentions IE, then it is probably IE's cache. This could be the IE attack that Nimda launches.

    No matter whether you see anything wrong with your computer or not, make sure you are clean! Sure you don't see anything, but someone could easily have slipped a trojan on your computer and is watching everything you do, grabbing all your passwords, etc. Go to and click on home user and click on the housecall service to get your computer scanned by a second source (for free too).
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    Could someone take me through the procedures of reformatting my hard drive? Thx

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    If Norton has it in quarantine no prob and no need to format, altough if you want to back up all your stuff and enter the famous command:
    format c

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    Make a boot floppy, put it in the drive, and restart your comp. When it loads, choose to boot w/ CD-Rom support.

    Then do format X (whatever drive you want to format, usually C.

    Make sure you have all personal files backed up and have a OS on CD ready to be installed.

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    Thx. Would it be possible to rid the virus or whatever it deleting IE5? Cause I did a full system scan and no virus or malicious file was found...but i think it is nestled in IE5. So does anyone thing delteing IE5 might do the trick or do you think it is in multiple places? Thx

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    Hmm.. never heard of it.
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    I got red antipoints for my previous post... wtf?
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