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Thread: Whats the differnce between IDE and SCSI?

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    Whats the differnce between IDE and SCSI?

    IS one better than the other. Please explain the differnce between them.

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    For a good explanation about what differences there are between ide and scsi and what the advantages and disadvantages are look at:



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    IDE is what your hard drive and CD are ussully on. You can only hook up to about four, unless you get new mother boards that have 4 IDE contollers built on that will support up to 8 drive. Or get and expansion card.

    SCSI allows you to connect up to 7 drives on one card or contoller. SCSI also allows you to have internal and external drive, scanners, printer, CDROMS, etc. etc. Depending on what kind of SCSI you have depends on speed. You can have SCSI-1, SCSI-2, SCSI-3, Wide SCSI, and differential.
    If I remember right SCSI-3 should be the fastest. You would want SCSI on your servers, and some higher performance machines.

    Hope that was what you wanted
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    scsi can go up to ultra wide scsi 4. or SCSI 160 (which is the transfer rate from the drive 160mb/sec)

    currently IDE is the standard in PC's or low end servers, it can be called many things ATA, UDMA, EIDE etc.... each channel can hold 2 devices. the standard setup is to have 2 ide channels on a computer. for a max of 4 devices. some of the newer boards have 4 IDE channels for a max of 8 drives,cdroms,dvd's etc....
    SCSi channels are much more complex. you generally need a SCSi controller onboard or PCI card(PCI is better) each card can have up to 15 devices per channel. some cards have 3 channels. It is generally reserved for servers or high end workstations where speed and performance are critical.

    the current max for IDE is ATA100 which transfers at 100 MB/sec and spins at 7200 RPMs and it is cheap, so it is much more affordable. whereas scsi is expensive and can transfer up to 160MB/sec.
    hope that helped.
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