Hi guys!

I've been doing alot of reading on this subject today, pretty much spent my whole day at work trying to figure out how it would work, but still haven't!

I know that you would use nbtstat -A command to to obtain a list of remote names and mchines on an IP address. I've alos discovered that this can provide you with 2 out of 3 of the information necessary to connect to a computer. How would these names be useful? User name and Domain Name?

Anyway...I divulge! I've also learnt that the Net View\\machine_name command is also useful in giving you the names of shared folders etc on the machine.

And then there is also the Netstat -R command!

I have been able to find a PC on my network which has network shares, mapped a drive to the network share and gained access to that folder.

What I cannot fathom is what to do next to gain access to the whole PC. is it possible using this vulnerability?

How would I get past a Folder Share which has been password protected? By simply using a brute force password cracker? I downloaded Brutus, but it isn't having much luck with anything!

I'm a lamer using win98 , please help me! I'm stuck!