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Thread: ghost thing

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    Unhappy ghost thing

    hey guys... i think im old enough to believe what is true or not...but im still confused... are there ghosts? Next week....Ill be sleeping on my room alone 'coz my roomate will be in the hospital...Its a big room and I'm afraid...hehehe...what do think?? are there really ghosts around? Lost souls?? etc..

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    Sure there are ghosts. We use them all the time where i work.

    as for lost souls you'll have to ask poppy z. brite

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    I dunno about ghosts apart from the Symantec kind, but I know skeletons exist.
    Why because I am one, hence the name because I look like an xray.
    I'm going to come around to you house and scare you in the night. Muwuhahahahahahaha.

    Be very afraid you nonce.

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    Yep, ghosts and so on, mayb Im just losing it.......

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    Well.. I dont know about ghosts in real life..

    The question is.. Are there GHOSTS ONLINE?

    Seriously think about this... Your surfing the internet.. Using search engines and so forth..

    Does anyone monitor those?

    I mean for example.. There is ton of traffic.. people search for things constantly.. i wonder if they look at the search submissions.. maybe they use it for profit.. like find out what people are looking for the most on the internet?

    What do u think?
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    I don't know about spirit ghosts, but I would almost bet money that someone out there is monitoring the traffic for profit reasons. If you know what people want to look at, they you know how to get them to spend money.

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    Only ghost I heard of is Symantec's, why is it some old creapy building you live in?

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    Norton ghost..

    One way to setup tons of machines at once..

    ahhh... good ghost..
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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