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    Question Question about firewalls...

    If there is a trojan nestled somewhere on your pc with an odd filename...can a firewall still prevent someone from using it to get into your computer?

    Also, I ran a trojan and full virus scan both of them scanned and said there were no trojans or viruses on my hard-drive. However, yesterday Norton detected one and was unable to delete or quarntine it. So even though I have done two major scans with two different pieces of software and they said there were no trojans/viruses, I'm assuming the virus that orginally was detected is still there. Should I still format my hard-drive and heed the first warning I got or should I wait a bit or just forget about it since I ran two system scans after this and nothing was detected? Could it have been an error?

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    Short answer, maybe, it depends on the firewall and the trojan.

    Typically a physical firewall sitting between your computer and the internet will allow only outgoing connections, which will normally prevent somebody from connecting to a machine inside the firewall.

    A software firewall can't provide that level of protection, but depending on what you've got, may still prevent the trojan from being exploited.

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    There is a program available at called ProPort that scans common trojan ports and can kill any connections that may be trojans. It's pretty handy.

    A firewall like Tiny (also available at will allow you to set custom rules based on ports, so you could use that to block common trojan ports, or even set a rule to block all traffic that you haven't explicitly allowed.

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    Zonealarm and Tiny are supposed to prevent that, but as you all have read Tooleaky has proven that there are flaws.

    read it at if u want

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    Alright...Thx guys.

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