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    Question hackerslab

    alright, this will sound bad but here goes...

    i signed up to in hopes to gain a little experiance in how to hack, so my first "quest" comes along, and they say to telnet into a so-called trojan in their system at and type level0 for name and guest for password, they would give me another password, and then i would be able to go on into some real hacking,
    so i do this, sign in, and nothing happens, am i missing something really simple, all it gives me is the command line and no password for level1
    i even went to their readme on how to do it, it said what i had already done, and didn't work...

    what am i not doing/missing?
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    i think what youre missing out on is that to get to level 1 you need to find something in the level 0 part that has something to do with the level 1 pass. ive tried it before but im still on level 0 coz im lazy

    theres some hint to find it somewhere on the site but i cant quite remember where it was

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    from select the link to the free hacking zone.
    select the english link or whichever you can read, then select the free hacking zone link at the top of the page, which takes you to the following link:
    i would suggest that you register, then you can view the clues for when you level.
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    Yeah every level you have to find how to get the password. That's why they didn't give you one. The problems you get can help you out. If you still need help you can look in the free board, or the QA board. Also the tmp and the /tmp directories somtimes people give better answers there.

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    the password is hidden somewhere in the /dev directory, I think.
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    Don't forget to run the pass program.

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    dont feel bad i done the same thing except i fallowed a hackers tutorial before i went to the hackers lab well part of this tutorial required me to gather all the info that i could get using online tools for the site i was going to hack and guess what i found it was the answer sheet!! can you believe it? so i go to the lab thinkin wow that was easy.....right? of course not i couldnt log in.. something is missleading you are being given false information so dont feel bad i went there with the answers and couldnt even get past about lame lol

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    lol well as a level14 user in hackerslab myself.. i would suggest for you to learn some basic linux/unix commands first.. and yeah it does take u to a command prompt.. that command promt is your "battle field" that is where you do all your work.. and i believe they are using Linux.. so do a little work in learning the commands..

    to get a short list of commands type in "help" if you want to know more of a command type 'man <command>" that would give u a manual of a command..

    BTW if you are using a telnet client to connect to a linux box.. i suggest u use a client that supports ANSI.. so you can see the colors.. coz linux doesnt use file extensions like windows does.. ie: .exe .jpg .txt

    Linux uses colors.. and it would really suck if you cant see the colors because you would have a harder time to identify the type of file you are looking at..

    I would suggest you download Absolute Telnet SSH in

    That one supports ANSI so you can see the colors..

    which makes a question come to mind.. "would it really suck for a color blind person to use linux?"

    The trick in the game is to make /bin/pass THINK that you are on a higher level.. ie. if you are level0 u must make /bin/pass think you are level1 so it will retrieve you a level1 password..

    and this game gets VERY technical by the time you reach level 9...
    levels 3 and 4 requires for you to know how to play with the "ln" command.. the levels 10 and up requires coding skills..

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