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    This has been posted by me, but no one seems to get it..thanx for looking...

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    Use one of the bigger free e-mail services, most allow you to check mail from multiple pop accounts, hope this helps

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    ok..tyring to be more clear. The problem isn't checking them. also, i dont want to remove them from the server. you know how MSN messenger pops up a window that says "you have recieved a message from so and so" when you get emails. i want a java program or some other web program that does this AND tells what account its at... need anymore clarifications?

    please try to only reply in the "newbie" seciont...thank you

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    This computer at school, I assume it's a library or lab system?(since you aren't allowed to install anything). But you want to run a script that monitors multiple email addresses and notifies you (possibly by a pop-up window) when you recieve new mail and at what address it was recieved? I'm not sure what the answer is but I hope I may have clarified your question
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