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Thread: Look here people

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    Lightbulb Look here people

    To mailbomb someone with a prgram thats not even your own program,, Thats lame.real lame no offence.

    But to get the logon to the school's server is somthing else.. Thats not hurting others, that's making alot of poeple happy. You know how many students will be happy. And its not like im supposed to kill the server or somthing. Just make a folder where students can upload doc and stuff during test and stuff.. Do you get me? Thats all. I think I will be flamed for this but this is my personell meaning..

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    May I ask why you posted this?

    I must say that I disagree with you, unless you do no damage, and make no changes; you know, hacking them just to see if you can, and nothing more. If you do it as a service for the general student body, you're just asking for trouble. The same thing applies if you go around telling people what you did.

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    I agree with stflook, if you're going to attempt something like that (and I strongly advise against doing so) you don't just go announcing it to the world because you're even more likely to get caught!
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