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    Here is some good advice from the article for IE users:

    Get into Tools/Internet Options/Security. Go to 'Custom Level' and disable 'Download unsigned ActiveX Controls' and 'Initialize and script ActiveX Controls not marked safe for scripting'; set 'Java permissions' to 'High Safety'; disable 'Meta Refresh'; disable 'Launching programs and files in an IFRAME'; set 'Software Channel permissions' to 'High Safety', disable 'Userdata persistence'; disable 'Active scripting', 'Allow paste operations via script', and 'scripting of Java applets'.

    Accept session cookies but not stored cookies. Never use in-line auto-complete, and never allow Windows to save any of your passwords.

    Now go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and clear 'Enable Profile Assistant', select 'Do not save encrypted pages to disk', clear 'Enable page hit counting', and select 'Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed'.
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