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Thread: what to do with cheapie nokia

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    what to do with cheapie nokia

    I have a cheapie nokia phone... a 252C... so far i havne' been able to find anything on if there are any special features and stuff.. does anyone have a hint? i've searched a few sites for the modelnumber and hvan't foudnthem. please dont just post "search for nokia tricks" cuz this dont work.

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    I think has a section on mobile phone tricks and stuff... check that out if you haven't already...
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    sorry..tried luck

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    I know there is an adapter that you can make. So you can use pay phones to hook up your laptop computer. It was cool. All the parts were sold at radio shack and the modem had to be one of those where there is a little slot that pops out which allows you to hook up a regular phone line. Well if you would like that I think I still have it. I know has alot of cool phone stuff.

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