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Thread: Modern Technology.. Hehe..

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    Talking Modern Technology.. Hehe..

    Let's say technology advanced so that you could become anything you wished.. what would you become..? I would become a Vampire Elf.. The truth behind vampires.. or at least I think.. is that they are not plagued.. they are gifted with the ability to absorb an eternity of knowledge.. and as we all know.. knowledge is power.. And Elves are cool.. I can see it now.. "Yeah.. I guess you could call me a Senior Manager... but.. I've only been working here 900 years.. Programming Guru? Ha! I've spent the last four centuries learning what sounds different fish make!" Okay.. Okay.. so.. what would you be..?


    Elen sila lumenn omentielvo..

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    AntiOnline Senior Member
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    Um I would be a.... Um let me think.... Errr.... Wait a sec... I got it! I would learn how to count numbers!!!

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    hhmmm... if i could be anything... i'd be a guitarist god... i mean more than i already am hehe

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    I like this game i'd be a superpowered alien that can appear to be a human.
    oh wait i already am.
    I AM tHeHeTeRiC

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    who doesn't want to be superman? super-strength and the ability to fly are key. frankly, i don't know what the hell tekromancer is talking about with vampires and elves. i think he plays a little too much Magic. get outside some time, dude.

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    I'm would hmmm........ 0101 1111 1101 to speak my native tongue.

    The behold how the world turns

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    If i could be anything i wanted....... Id half to be Bill Gates. And make the money he does.

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    Senior Member gore's Avatar
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    youd be bill gates? damn man, nice choice, youd make end users believe that a computer is an unstable peice of **** and make people wanna rip there heair out with Windows 95, then charge more money for a few fixes with 98? is it just me ro should Microsoft have stuck with XENIX untill they had Windows 2,000 and 98 ready (dont diss 98, its actually good for office work and games) ...hmmm then again they seem to be trying alot harder than they used to, i heard about them working with Free BSD thats a good thing, the Free BSD team has a load of respect from me.

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    Hey what are you drinking ?lol ...jetfuel ha..ha...just kidding.I would like to be one of the borrowers..those small people.Just think what you will be able to do..
    Practise what you preach.

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    a monster cyberbot which creates a godly presence where ever he goes, so all shall bow to me as GOD...........

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