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Thread: Who makes posts disapear?

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    Who makes posts disapear?

    Earlier this evening i read a reply to a post in the newbies forum. the reply had a link, which i thought answered the question very well. Is this not acceptable? Just now i noticed that the original post had no replys. Are long winded replys mandatory?
    i also started a new thread earlyer in the day, saw it appear on the board, but when i came back to check for replys, it was gone, didn't show in my posts in the members list..nada.
    my post i could maybe understand deleting. it could have been construed as conspiratorial in nature although it wasn't meant that way.
    but the first reply i spoke of was really helpful;

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    every body can except you. If you haven't noticed that the posts get bumbed down if there are not alot of replys. If someone replys to a thread then it gets moved up to the the top. If the moderators don't approve of it then they take it off. If you wish to cancel the thread un-subscribe to it, if that doesn't work then
    e-mail someone at Anti-Online like JP do take it off. You will also notice the e-mail notification, if you really want to know where your post is click that box and you will get a e-mail with a link to where your thread is at. I suggest doing that on Important threads you want to read. You can also go up to subsribed threads in the menu and that will show you a list of threads that you replyed to or started.

    Hope it helps you understand better.

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