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Thread: Remote Access

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    Remote Access

    I am looking for current thinking on the topic of remote access to a mixed network.

    I am the security manager for a large network, that is composed of mostly Win NT server and desktops, but does have Novell networks as well. Access in is via firewall.

    In the past remote access was only available via a secure dialup connection using a secure fob, password etc.

    Am wondering if this is still the most appropriate way to go.

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    I'd recommend using a VPN solution, you'd get better security as well if this was used in conjunction with your secure fobs for 1 time password authentication.


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    Re: Remote Access

    I agree with jcdux. Consider a VPN client like the Nortel Extranet Client and use your Secure ID cards (fobs) for the password + like a four to 6 digit static pass-phrase.

    Example: t9u3g1+{secure_id_displayed_number} = passcode

    Nortel Etranet has a client for Win95/98/NT, 2000, & XP.

    We have tried numerous methods to crack this (for security testing) including hiring a security firm to crack it as well. The algorithm of the secure id + a 4-6 character passcode make it very secure. (security firm never even came close by the way)

    hope that helped.
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    send an e-mail to Remote_Access_ and i will be glad to help.

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