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Thread: popup question

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    popup question

    I have a good guestion that I feel needs to be answered quickly.

    I leave my computer running alot of time and when I come back to it there is pop up screens with advertising on it. Now my question is where do I need to go to filter out this crap?

    Ive put zonealarm on and closed alot of my ports but there is a Port I must have overlooked?

    Running win2000pro

    What to you guys and/or gals think?

    thank you.

    please dont reply with turn your computer off or other unhelpful things. thanks

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    Pop-up boxes are created through JavaScript and are usually associated with porn and warez sites. .net sites also have a tendency for pop-up boxes. Basically there are programs that will stop pop-up boxes for you. Im going to get a link for you soon.

    Its nothin to do with ports etc, its just a feature of web design, an annoying one at that. The reason they pop-up after a while is as in JavaScript the site's designer can make it appear at regular intervals or spaced times and s on.

    Heres a link to a program that should help, its the POW V1.57

    Hope this helps.

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    I have a neat program InterMute you can use that will take care of those pesky pop-ups for good. You can get the demo at . As soon as I got the demo, I was addicted. It can filter pop-ups, ads, auto-refresh, cookies, animations, java, java applets, referrers, background images, and background music. It's really cool.

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    Unless you downloaded some sort of weird ad-banner software or something... I would have to say that it's a webpage thing. Personally, I would recommend the Proxomitron, since it can deal with a huge variety of things, from cookies to headers to banners to popups... so you don't need ten seperate tools.
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    some file sharing napster-like programs (i.e. Kazaa) open pop up windows from time to time - may be that if you're getting popups when your not browsing at all
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    many popups r cookie-controllled (or script-controlled) so if u didn't remove all cookies before u installed zone alarm it won't filter it because it's comming for ur puter.... try and delete all ur cookies and perhaps tighten ur cookie-security in ie... i often get stupid popups but they all stop once i remove the cookies.
    (also check in the tmp internet files for more annoying cookies and scripts)....
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    Thumbs up

    I personally use popup killer works a treat........

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    Re: popup question

    You should scan your computer for spyware-programs. I recommend Ad-aware by Lavasoft. It detects something like twenty or more adverstising systems. Get it from here.

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