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Thread: Recovering Unix files

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    Recovering Unix files

    If you keep your system defraged on a regular basis, it's possible to recover. Deleted inode blocks can last for a long time. If you do delete a file by mistake, make sure you put your system on a safe state right away, meaning, stop all processes, go into a single user mode and unmount the partition. Then make a copy of the file system on that partition using the dd(1) command. Bring your system to a multi user mode again and start your search.

    name_of_deleted_file -n recover.dsk |fgrep "directory:0:1"

    You will probably get a few versions of the deleted file, so make sure you look at the attributes, dates and etc..

    My 2 cents worth...

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    mucho docs at

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    Re: cool post

    Great Info. I also recommend a regular backup of data.
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    Dump maybe??

    okay so I've heard interesting things here and there about recovering through the dump command..... :::joy:::

    never played with it, but I'd be interested in hearing about any successful/unsucessful attempts at this method

    :::I backup regularily, never really had to stretch for a rcovery... well I have put a drive or two in the freezer for clients now and then but a dead drive is way different from a deleted file:::


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    Hello Errata!

    I was browsing the old threads, and had bumped into this informative thread of yours. Thanks for the info. Keep-up the good posts!!! Hope to see you more in the discussion boards

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    Thanks for the info Ladybug...
    I wanted to know how to do that, after an unfortunate little incident with my documents directory.... had a backup, so all was well, but now I know how to get them back next time...

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