A very strange thing just happened. I have a cable connection, but did not have IE up. When I moved the mouse (screensaver was up), it went beserk, and tried to open seemingly every menu at once. I could not get the pointer to target anything - the more I moved the mouse - the more menus popped up. I have a firewall, Mcafee, lockdown, jammer, which all came on at once (besides startup, favorites, etc.). All my protection informed me that my screensaver had changed, but it hadn't, visibly. My taskbar changed without my clicking on anything. I finally managed to get the shutdown menu and hit enter. When it rebooted, everything was fine. I did a few virus, worm, trojan, security scan -housecall, McAffee, symatec, etc. Nothing, except for a vulnerability in browser security - but the browser wasn't up.

What the hell happened???