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Thread: Alcohol

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    I like good old Rye and Coke even know i don't drink much anymore i still like to have a drink ounce and awhile. Plus a nice cold beer right out of the ice box sounds good too only Molsen Canadian!!!


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    I would say Grolsch beer,
    Palm Beer...

    And pure polish vodka (wybrowa)...
    (sometimes on the rocks... but nothing but H2O and alcohol)

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    I prefer single malt whiskey and Guiness.

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    You guys get plastered...I'll be in the back as designated driver with my Diet Coke. Hehe!

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    Ooh, where to start..

    When in Thailand, Chiang beer has a certain something
    (the locals call it elephant piss but I dunno why..)

    When in England, most of the lagers
    (how can you drink ale???)

    If itīs an ordinary night, whateverīs on tap
    (well itīs bloody expensive to drink here and tap beer is cheap)

    If my pockets are lined with money, Redbull & Absolut Vodka
    (comments not needed)

    If I gotta choose an american brand.. Michelob
    (atleast thereīs some taste)

    If I drink with women I go for Mochitoīs
    (lotsa alcohol and no taste, getīs em right where I want them hehehe)

    If itīs a warm day Gin & Tonic (hold the vegetables) is kinda nice to start with
    (I dunno why I donīt like to drink it later on)

    If itīs when youīve come home after a busy night.. ANYTHING WITH % IN IT!

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