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Thread: McAfee VirusScan 6 Bug

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    Unhappy McAfee VirusScan 6 Bug

    Hi All;

    I just found a real nasty bug in VirusScan 6
    The Bug involves Windows XP (no Flames!!!)
    This bug if you do not install the patch
    from McAfee will delete all your e-mail
    I lost 3 years of mail archives due to the bug.
    There is a warning on there website but
    I purchased this software from a local store
    so I had no idea until I opened up my e-mail
    program and no e-mails.
    Yes it was Outlook Express 6.
    Do not open OE until you apply the patch
    otherwise your TOAST!!!
    The links for the patch is as follows
    If you cannot find it on the McAfee Site...

    I hope my fun and games keeps others from the same problem.

    Franklin Werren
    PS: Yes I do play the bagpipes!

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    that is nasty...thx for the heads-up.

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