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Thread: Need help in Visual C++ 6.0

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    Question Need help in Visual C++ 6.0

    When I try to make an executable of source code that is completely clean with no errors, the program says " could not initialize debugging subsytem"...could some tell me what this means? Thx

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    What version of Visual C++ 6.0?

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    either, reinstall. or; select Release build from the build toolbar.

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    re-installed..still does this...and no build release on toolbar...

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    Hey, freeon were's hehbris

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    When did it start doing this, alot of times other programs that you donwloaded or whatever will screw Visual C++ 6.0. I have about three compilers and if they didn't get loaded in the right order then visual would crash. Ok also somthing might be is look at your input and output as well as the iostream make sure that the program is not getting locked up.

    I would first try unistalling any programs that you have loaded on in recent days then restart and reinstall Visual C++

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    There definently is a Release option under the build toolbar.
    You should know where to find that even if you are new to vc++

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