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Thread: Can i Get An AGP Virus

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    Question Can i Get An AGP Virus

    Can I Get An AGP Virus?

    I Had An AGP Card That Worked & Just Stoped Working
    So I Got A New AGP Card & New Mainboard And Now The New AGP Card Will Not Work!
    I Have 2 Computers & The Old & New Cards Work on my Backup

    So Can it be a Virus on my hard Drive?

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    I'm not sure about your configuratiuons - but I doubt it's a virus - sounds more like hardware problems. Here's some tidbits of info I know .... maybe one will push you in the right direction. Video cards and printers are a pain in the butt.

    Well, if you bought nvidia chipset based AGP boards - a lot of the new mobos for 1.4 and higher CPUs are having compatability problems. Especially the new VIA chipsets on the mobos. You may need to update the drivers for your motherboard.

    For instance, if you have a Shuttle mobo - there are AGP issues with the command rate you set with your memory - comes default 1T and it causes the "no video" problem. Set the memory command rate in BIOS to 2T, everything settles down.

    Also, don't put a NIC or Soundcard or modem in the first PCI slot. With just about every mobo mfg, the top or first PCI slot shares the same darn IRQ as the AGP slot and you're going to run into problems. Usually it's no sound or no lan or no dialtone ..... but I have seen where it has been no video as well.

    Using a VOODOO 3 with XP? Forget about it - 3DFX got bought out by nvidia and they didn't give their driver code to Microsoft. And nvidia isn't planning on writing VOODOO drivers for XP - they want you to buy the new nvidia cards.

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    Humm, if I got it right you don't get any picture on the screen.
    Do you got any beeps, or it just don't show anything?
    If you give a little more info maybe it could help.
    Have you tested your CPU and Memory? If they aren't ok, you have no picture and no beeps.

    Hope i could be of some help. This is my first post anyway.

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