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Thread: Meteor Shower

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    Meteor Shower

    Hey did anyone see the meteor shower last night?
    Was this an act of the government. lol, Conspiracy theory ok
    since this meteor shower only happens every 100 years or somthing what if the Nato or some type of Union of governments or maybe it were aliens who were pretecting there own home were blowing up meteors that would hit the world and destroy everything. The government covers it up saying it was a meteor shower. Ok this was just for jokes anyone got a better theory?

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    I watched it for about 45 minutes and had zero thoughts about government conspiracy. It was pretty cool. Supposedly, the meteors are just the size of a grain of sand... I like the alien theory , but what were they aiming for?
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    I wanted to watch it, but it was really foggy out, and I could barely see my hand in front of my face, much less any meteor shower. Murphy's law, I guess..... Was it any good?

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    I stayed up till around 3am so I could watch it, but clouds had started to roll in around 5pm so I didnt get to see it; even though the sky was ****in clear for almost 2 weeks. But yea, stargazing is some pretty relaxing stuff what you need to do is drive out in the country every once in awhile with one of those reclining lawn chairs and a set of binoculars and just lay there and watch the sky (at night of course). Last time I did it I believe I saw about 9 satellites and around 6 meteors. Its such a vast thing man, it causes you to think a lot and clear your head of the everyday bullshit you have to deal with. Its even better when you bring your buddies out there and your beer....its a great bonding moment.

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    I got up at 3:50 AM to go to work. Was there by 4:30 AM. I seen a few while I was at work. One of the officers there told me he sat outside and counted about 60 of them. I saw like an orange one. It was weird.

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    I saw the show, it was pretty cool. I got up at about 4:00 and saw about 6000 different ones. Aight, well I'm out.

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    i wanted to see it, stayed up to watch it but it was to cold to wait for my eyes to see in that light, so i went to bed.....what a wuss.
    besides if the aliens see me they might aim them my way.
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    yeah i went outside with a lawnchair around 3:00 , i saw about 15 in the hour or two i was out there. I dont know about it being the aliens or the government, but it was pretty sweet.

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    I live in the NE region of the counrty and I saw for the most part the whole event.It wasnt anything spectacular but it was cool that I got to witness it sure takes your mind off of all the other B.S. thats going on in the world today

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    Conspiracy?? man I am just worried that one day the little man in my fridge who turns the light on is gonna jump me, take all my computer stuff and start a buisness called microsoft.
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