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    I recently downloaded BeOS 5 personal edition and was having a problem running it. It is similar to winlinux 2000 in that it installs as an executable windows program. The first problem is that while it tries to create a boot disk, errors occur in w98 however it appears to continue to write to the disk until it is almost finished. At that point I had to restart the computer. After testing the disk while trying to boot BeOS, it seemed to work fine but it would ask me to select bootable drive and in parenthesis it would say none. After I rescanned for bootable drives none were found still. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Also I was wondering if anyone else had used this OS and what they thought about it.
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    I got a BeOS 5 pro edition CD as a gift from a friend and have since then used it. I haven't installed it as a Whinedows executable, but gave it its own partition and it works fine for me. You may want to check the BeOS forums and help pages ( is a good palce to start).
    BeOS is a powerfu, fast, and reliablel OS, and I would hardly give up on it, even now that the intellectual property of Be now belongs to Palm. I keep my fingers crossed for the guys at , BeOS is definitively worth the try. The only drawback I found was that hardware support was a little slow, but if you don't need to have the absolutely newest hardware you'll be fine. Heck, there are even drivers for the GeForce2.
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