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Thread: ICQ - Not Secure?

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    ICQ - Not Secure?

    I've never been an ICQ or Instant Messager fan - I prefer IRC. But friends and family want to use it. What can "they" ("they" - meaning script kiddies) do to ICQ users, especially this latest and greatest version?

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    AFAIK... they can find your IP address through ICQ, because of the way it is set up in terms of communication, they can flood you with messages, and sometimes spoof messages from other users. And they can add you without your permission to their contact lists. (KakoKool insists that it isn't possible, even after I added him to my contact list and deleted him off three times without his permission )

    If you have the icq-webserver installed... I have no idea, but it did have vulnerabilities. (It's a plugin)

    If nobody technically-knowledgable is on the machine, I would mildly suggest not using ICQ.
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    isnt' there an option that you can talk through the server and soforth not reveal your IP? just wondrin

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