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Thread: Critical Problem With ME!

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    Cool Critical Problem With ME!

    hello i'm a big nerd a computer nerd!
    i eat Eprom's for my memory Error's...
    i whant a new word list bkaus mine is 2 old and infected so my spelling is All WronG-G-G....
    i ride a HDD 2 school and i named my mirror "windows" bekaus all i see is bad design!
    and my toilet is named-d-d "recyklebin"...
    i hafto defrag my hair every morning and scan my room 4 errors!
    i whent 2 DrSolomon and got an update 4 the Virus i had in my system...
    my mom and i got a I/O error she must have a diffrent file system bekaus we do not compute do anyone got a EMU (Emulation) 2 an old os from 1955? so i can understand her data?
    and i need a patch 2 stand by mode i have some problems with going 2 sleep at night's it's locking it selfe up like win98 in the shut down secuense... and i need 2 bye some new eggs bekaus i drop mine in the floor (somebody told me abaut eggdrop's) PLZ help me!

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    You'll find everything you're looking for here-

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