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Thread: what u got?

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    what u got?

    I noticed in a thread about win XP people started listing what systems they ran at home and at work - i thought this was interesting but couldn't be assed searching through 50 comments about win XP to see 2 or 3 interesting comments - thus i've started this thread. If people would like to list what sort of technology they've got knocking around - not just computers - home cinema systems, gprs devices, robot butlers etc.

    Personally i have 6 pc's - 3 386's with 4meg of ram - all running debian slink, a 486/32meg with a *full-size* scsi hard disk (about the size of a house brick!) running debian woody, a k5 166/16meg that gets a new os every week and my main pc - a 700mhz duron/512meg dual booting w2k and debian sid. My other passion besides computers (and skateboarding, but we'll not go into that now) is home cinema - i have an all sony setup with hella good 100hz 32" flatscreen and a dvp s550d dvd player with a tae9000es preamp feeding a tan9000es amp - all wired together with top of the range ecosse interconnects.

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    1 - 200 MHZ Pentium, 96 meg ram,
    2 - 450 MHZ AMD K6-2, 96 megs ram
    3 - 1.3GHZ AMD Athlon, 128 megs ram

    Running Windows 98 on the 2 less powerful machines, and XP on the newest one...

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    1. AMD 900 Mhz 512 Mb RAM - multi boot (Win2k pro, Win2k adv server, NT server, Win98, WinXP, Suse 7.3)
    2. PIII 450Mhz 384Mb RAM - dual boot (Win2k Pro + Win98SE)
    3. 486 128Mb RAM Mandrake 8.1
    4. Toshiba Laptop PIII 700Mhx 192Mb Dual boot (Win2k pro & NT server)
    Home network 10/100 with a switch, the 486 has ISDN connectivity and is a firewall / proxy.
    Laser printer, Scanner, TV cards etc etc.

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    1. AMD 500 256 MB, dual boot Win2k and Suse 7.2
    2. 486 running OpenBSD 2.9
    3 Sparc 2 acting as firewall running OpenBSD 2.9
    4 IBM thinkpad 400 mhz dual boot Win2k and Suse 7.2

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    1. Dual PIII 933 1GB Ram running XP Pro
    2. 900 Athlon 500MB Ram running 2k Server SQL2000 and Oracle 8i
    3. PII 400 500MB Ram running 2k Server and VMware and anything else so no dual booting )
    4. PII 400 256MB Ram running 2k Server with Checkpoint NG

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    amds are for people living in federally funded housing.
    dual booting a *nix os and windows is for pathetic wannabes who can't handle unix and want to impress their friends while doing /sv on IRC and setting up shell accounts on their dial ups.
    Having 4 386s running linux is the most pointless thing I have ever heard, all that a 386 running linux is good for is using VI. Using a switched network for four machines is a waste of money. It is obvious that you are all just trying to impress your sad computer friends with pathetic powerless machines that barely use 10% of their efficiency.

    As for paulcottingham you cannot have 500mb of ram in a PC, and running SQL 2000 and Oracle 8i together is a good way to eat up all your ram and sounds absolutely ridiculous.

    oh and Focmaester, solaris 8 kicks open bsd's nsa backdoored ass on a sparc processor any day.

    finally a 32 inch television is pitiful.

    SunOS mccoy 5.8 Generic_108528-03 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-80

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    Why don't you go back to sucking cocks hehbris, thats all you're good for you know nothing tramp mother****er.

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    well thats not how i'd have put it but i get the point you are trying to make Pete

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    Originally posted by petemcevoy
    Why don't you go back to sucking cocks hehbris, thats all you're good for
    I don't think hehbris would even qualify to be a **********.

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    1. AMD 550 MHz, Win 2000, 128 mem
    2. AMD 1.4 GHz, Win 2000 Server, 785 mem
    3. AMD 500 MHz, WinNT Server, 256 mem
    4. Pentium II 300 MHz, WinNT 4.0, 128 mem
    5. AMD 300 MHz, Win 2000+NT4.0, 160 mem
    6. AMD 650 MHz, ME, 128 mem
    7. AMD 300 MHz, 98SE, 90 mem
    8. AMD 500 MHz, 98SE, 128 mem
    9. Pentium 150 MHz, laptop, 98SE, 40 mem
    10. Pentium 200 MHz, Mandrake 6.1, 128 mem
    11. Pentium 200 MHz, Turbo linux server, 128 mem
    12. AMD 300 MHz, 98SE, 64 mem (Needs rebuilt, PCI slots don't work and hard drive blew up)
    [gloworange]\"A hacker is someone who has a passion for technology, someone who is possessed by a desire to figure out how things work.\" [/gloworange]

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