Hello there people of antionline.
My name is Shantelle, i live in a trailer park outside las vegas. I'm afraid i have to apologise to you people, see, i am the poor soul who had the misfortune to spawn the rat bastard you people know as hehbris. For 24 years now my son has been a parasite feeding on the good intentions of others - he knows nothing about anything, least of all computers. Sometimes i feel sorry for him, he's never had a girlfriend, although this is probably down to the fact he has the unfortunate medical condition known as micropenis - it's only 1 inch long fully erect, i know this because he's constantly trying to have sex with me - sick bastard that he is. You nice people should take some solace in the fact that, with a **** that small, and being as ugly and stupid as he is, he'll never get the chance to procreate.
My sincerest apologies to you all.